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In 2012, the strategy has yielded strong results as the Charlotte Bank (NYSE:BAC), $ 230 million of new credit extended in the North Carolina small business growth from 2011 33%. This is to provide $ 87 billion in new loans to the company no more than $ 20 million, part of last year's sales revenue. United States banks?? Completed recruitment of 1000 small business banks, as the Bank's small business administration and the United States Treasury Department as part of a commitment.
Gibson, 30 small business banker team serving the North Carolina company that makes less than $ 5 million. This week, he spoke with the Charlotte Business Journal United States banks is how to overcome the criticism, changing the strategy of small business, and provide more small business loans:
who is your targeted customer?
we often focus on the lawyer, the doctor, the medical industry, light manufacturing and logistics companies. We wanted to create a product that makes a very good (and provide) services companies. We call you Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, and the client.
most of these bankers are on banking centres and by more banking centres, the geographical coverage. However, a great deal of time is spent with the customer's business. We have to go out and see customers, understanding their business, understanding their needs, and then provide local expertise.
33% you loans in North Carolina last year. Where does growth come from?
in the same industry, we have just told. Its bankers knew the future of these enterprises in the field. Have some help, we help our clients understand their cash flow. We see that some economies were doing well. It is slow, but continued to maintain steady growth in the market.
new demand for credit. Of course, the refinancing of existing debt. I don't have the exact figure broke but full growth. We see the line of working capital. We have seen a considerable amount of equipment. We have seen some private real-estate loans is significantly increased. All encouraging signs.
the borrower how healthy?
we are seeing improved balance sheet. In the past year, we have seen improvement. Loan demand is still the main focus. Companies trying to expand the top line revenue. In most enterprises, about 75%, approved credit. But the actual application of 16%, last year as credit (according to a recent United States survey of bank customers). At the end of the day, the credit environment is stable, and has stabilized in the balance sheet. Loan demand has stabilized, but slow.
is still in the market, small businesses can't get credit. Where, where?
I do not know how to disconnect from. Obviously, if a business owner has been seeking credit, is lack of access to credit, they tend to be a little more sound did not enter the capital. However, statistics, exact figures and anecdotal, confirms owner seeking funding can be found. If it is a healthy balance sheet and a life company, there is a certain amount of money available to these enterprises. It does not necessarily mean access capital, that is a problem. This is top-line revenue. This is the biggest pain point: How do I increase revenue of the business?
How do you service your customers apply for credit over 80%?
This is our strength. There is a small commercial bank's expertise in marketing is much more than credit. We are too narrowly defined needs of small businesses. This is far more than the credit. This is related to cash management and financial services. It's about efficient use of credit cards. We've seen tremendous growth, consumption, through our small business customers. This will help their cash flow. So you already have a company is stepping up its accounts receivable, slowing their Payables, cash flow. These things are, we can help.
in addition, our survey of small business owners, 29% customers said they considered themselves financially savvy. Though they may be, they are doing business, the goods or services, they may have little financial expertise. They look to us to help them. They help to provide retirement schemes for their employees. Retention is a big problem. When larger competitors, offer strong retirement and benefits for their workers, and they how to retain key employees? In cooperation with Merrill Lynch partners and our consumer banking partner of the partnership, we can provide a comprehensive package of our small business customers. We help them to finance infrastructure, enabling them to focus on your business.
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