Was due to increased proceeds entirely from student loans and car loans

Americans stepped up borrowing 12 to buy a car and go to school. But they sharply cut credit card use, a sustained trend, may hinder economic growth this year.
consumer borrowing increased $ 14.6 billion in December from November to a total of us $ 2.78 trillion, the Federal Reserve said on Thursday. This is the highest level on record.
was due to increased proceeds entirely from student loans and car loans. Borrowing in the category measuring these loans increased by $ 18.2 billion, US $ 19.3 trillion. It was the biggest monthly gain since November 2001.
credit card debt, however, the price fell by $ 3.6 billion, amounting to some $ 85 billion. Since July 2008, the total credit card debt has fallen by 17%.
Americans have been relying on their credit cards, because the "great recession". December's decline may also be a signal that indicates that consumers are worried about higher social security taxes, lower take-home pay this year.
, "global insight (Global Insight) baoluo·aideersitan, Director of financial economics," said high unemployment and an increase in payroll taxes, will be reluctant to leave their homes, run the large credit card balances. "Reluctant to take this form of debt will constrain consumer spending will grow faster this year. "
United States Federal Reserve's monthly report on consumer credit have no independent auto loans, and student loans. But according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York quarterly data, student loan debt loan is the biggest driving force because of the recession.
has risen 63% since student loans since the middle of 2008, amounting to us $ 95.6 billion, as of September 2012, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Increase to a certain extent reflected the high unemployment rate, this led to many Americans in search of a better education and skills in an increasingly competitive labour market.
auto loans is slightly lower than its level in mid-2008. But they have risen by about 9.4%, since the middle of 2010, amounting to $ 75 billion as of September, according to the report of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
United States automobile manufacturers to sell the best year in five years, thanks to the extremely low interest rates and encourage more borrowing.
analysts predict that credit card debt to remain weak. That could slow growth in consumer spending is weak.
one of the reasons is that Americans will have a smaller salary. United States Congress and the White House reached an agreement last month to prevent the rise in income taxes for most Americans. But the deal did not renew the temporary cuts in social security tax, expired on January 1.
two percentage point increase means a person earning $ 50,000 a year will be around $ 1000, in 2013 for. A family has two high-wage workers will have up to 4,500 Yuan less.
most economists expect tax increases, cutting about a half a percentage point of economic growth this year.
consumers to spend more in December, according to a Government report last week, although a November increase more slowly. Consumer spending would push the economy 70%.
the economy actually declined during the period from October to December, impregnated by an annual rate of 0.1%. This is the decline in the first quarter, due to the economic downturn at the end of the summer of 2009.
the Federal Reserve debt report covers auto loans, student loans and credit cards. It does not include real estate mortgage loans, home equity loans and other loans.
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