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There are two different types of connection to your family, usually as a second mortgage line of credit. HELOCs home equity lines of credit. Credit lines available for you to use, and then use. This line of credit is a revolving, works much like a credit card's credit limit, but it is your home. Many lenders offer HELOCs, with little or no closing costs. HELOC borrowers interest charges, they use, rather than the amount of equity has been established. Again, this is very similar to a credit card, because you only need to keep payments on the balance, you're on your credit card. Equity loans, more like a normal mortgage, so they are not a revolving line of credit. Mortgage borrowers a one-time payment loans, they charge interest immediately received. Once the payment or payment by the borrower equity loans, were it not for their use. Two of HELOCs and equity loans typically have a higher than normal the first mortgage interest rates. Generally floating rate option, but some lenders provide loans backed by shares of fixed rates, but usually get the transaction cost of fixed-rate home equity loans.
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