Xiamen mortgage rates helped to support the housing market slowly recovers

Xiamen, Xiamen, the average 30-year fixed mortgage rates rose last week, but still close to record lows. Xiamen low mortgage rates helped to support the housing market slowly recovers.
mortgage buyer Freddie (Freddie Mac) said on Thursday that the average interest rate for 30-year loans was increased from 3.53% to 3.56% a week earlier. This remains close to November reached 3.31%, this is the minimum records dating back to 1971.
15-year fixed home loans with an average interest rate of Xiamen at 2.77%, for the third consecutive week. A record low of 2.63%.
cheap to encourage more people to buy or refinance home loans in Xiamen also helps to maintain the economic recovery this year. Increased sales helped home price, which tends to make consumers feel wealthier and more willing to spend. When homeowners refinance, this usually results in lower loan payments and more spending. Consumer spending, boost economic activity nearly 70%.
previously occupied housing sales in the United States rose in January to the second highest level in three years.
, analysts say, if the pace more and more families are purchasing more. The supply of homes for sale fell by nearly 8 years January low.
Nevertheless, the real estate market has a long way to go to full recovery. Many people cannot take advantage of low interest rates, because they can't meet tighter lending rules or they don't have the money, down-payment requirements. Xiamen
to calculate the average mortgage interest rate, Freddie (Freddie Mac) investigating lenders on Monday through Wednesday each week across the country. Average does not include additional costs, that is commonly referred to as points.
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