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Some predicted 2015 years of automotive consumption market in 2011, 300 billion yuan on the basis of the balance increase to 670 billion yuan, this car in financial consumption loans accounted for around 24%, truck loan balance than in phases of reputation around 20%. And to meet marketing costs, low auto financing application threshold and repayment arrangements mobile, consumer credentials environment loan at any time.
a 4S store of hard man: "today to buy a car when were young and didn't have much money in their pockets, but future potential not belittled. Through such methods, can finance their own cars, and survival. Against us for 4S shop, natural is also sold the car, this market is now growing. "
auto loans kept is one of the important credit category of big domestic banks, almost every bank has engaged in automobile business. As early as three years ago, Minsheng banking breakthrough in the strategic transformation of the auto financing business as a group, and were held in four major areas of market segmentation analysis, priority to select the category of car dealers, financial breakthrough in the automotive business as traffic. The other hand, muster has been in China for seven years of auto finance companies are still power. As China's car market matures, with auto financing as acting on behalf of car market has become the concern of automakers.
according to the acquaintance, Bank car loan interest rates are low right now, but the application procedures complicated, and auto finance company loans do more mobile, the customer can repay at any time, cash flow and more funding for dealers. Now, domestic auto consumption finance important banks and car finance company two plots against consumers, recognize the advantages and disadvantages of each selection criteria.
auto loan finance company loans and Bank of layers of approval distinction, its loans do more mobile, the customer can repay at any time, cash flow and more funding for dealers. It is reported that the auto finance company mortgage rates even lower than the base rate after the discount. Compared with the personal car loans provided by banks, convenient and cost effective are two fundamental characteristics.
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